India Tower Would Be The World’s 2nd Tallest Building

Indians are not behind in the race of tallest buildings. What we know from different sources is that the Indian Government has been substantially building the Worlds second tallest building from 2010. The project did start in 2010 but was put on hold by the government in 2011 due to some reasons. As planned the project is supposed

Blood Tests Without Pricking

At TED 2012 session, speaker Myshkin Ingawale from Mumbai, India gave a very fine solution of blood tests without even pricking any needle. Surprisingly, this gifted Engineer made a device (along with his medical doctor friend) which collects the haemoglobin measurements with three lights inside a tiny carry-able gadget. Myshkin told in TED talk that it took them 32 attempts

The Scrap Material Beetle

This could be the real use of scrap material and availability of such artistic characters should be focused on. Well yes the beetle you could see in the picture is entirely made up of scrap material containing keyboards, chips, CDs, speakers, beer cans, type-writer, cassette tapes, 60 motherboards, 800 drink lids, 200 bottle caps, 800 spark plugs