With an iPhone you can now drive a car

iPhone has proven that it is more than something which we can call it a smart phone. Besides having so much application for almost everything the latest is the application which literally drives a car for you. You do not need to hold the wheel of the car for navigating but just turn your iphone

NASA Design’s One Person Personal Aircraft

A super-quiet, hover-capable aircraft design, NASA’s experimental one-man Puffin could show just how much electric propulsion can transform our ideas of flight. It looks like nothing less than a flying suit or a jet pack with a cockpit.

Is the Compressed Air Car the Future of Eco-Friendly Cars?

Guy Negre is a former Formula OneĀ motor racingengineer who has turned his attention to buildingclean cars. The Frenchman is the father of theĀ Air Car, a car that runs on compressed air and could revolutionize the auto industry.