Duracell Giving Hopes For Wireless Charging

Wireless charging of every electronic equipment of yours is just as you are dreaming to be in a 2050. But the Duracell snatched that future here for you. So there is finally a thing that has been produced by which every mobile phone can now be charged wirelessly (who knows in future your every household might be

Mobile Phones to Act as Sniffers to Stop Terrorist Attacks

Due to the recent wave of terrorism throughout the world, countries are taking extra ordinary measures to counter terrorism.The Americans  have  come up with a very unique idea of  Mobile Phone sniffing. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is hoping that soon your cell phone will sniff out poisonous gases.

Top 10 Mobiles 2010

Multimedia cell phones bring all your media to your fingertips. Combining internet access, email, PC syncing, document viewing, a camera, and (of course) a music and video player; multimedia phones can handle it all. Mobile phones are a necessity these days. Today we have rounded up Top 10 mobile phones of 2010