A Real Transforming Robot Is Here

This is like a fantasy! We are not talking about Michael Bay’s Transformers from Cybertron! But now there is a real autobot that transforms from car to robot. It doesn’t stop here as it is also capable of pretty good fighting actions and doing HURRAH moves. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Well Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics is the developer of this robot and it was told that this model was achieved on 8th attempt. So to name it, they called it “Version Eight”. Its worth admiring to see such kind of invention as this could help different agencies like NASA and others to produce similar robots for their research purposes. For now, Lets just wait and see what developers would bring out in Version Nine. We hope that the day would soon come when we would be able to see more intelligence in robots and they can transform and perform different tasks themselves like the way humans need. Here is the video to see the little transformer in action.