Top 10 Most Sold Cars

With so many cars out there, so that to every 11 people there is one car, the number of  cars being driven today is 600 million. Today, we take a look at 10 most sold cars in the world, which definitely make up some part of this huge 600 number.

No 10. Chevrolet Impala – 14,000,000

Production 1957 – Present
Class Full-size

When introduced in 1957, the Impala became the best-selling car in the United States. Current Impalas are offered as front wheel drive full-size sedans and will be offered as front wheel drives in the future also, contrary to some rumors.


No 9. Volkswagen Passat – 14,100,000

Production 1973 – Present
Class Large family car, Mid-size car

Placed in the middle of the sedan/saloon market segment at its introduction in 1973, the Passat was developed partly from the Audi 80/Fox. The name Passat is derived from the German word for tradewind.

Here is Passat’s first commercial…