Exoskeletons-A fiction no more!!

Those of you who have played the amazing computer game “crysis”  must be fascinated  by the bionic suits worn by the game character(maximum speed,maximum power,maximum strength…..remember??). The good(or the bad) news is that bionic suits are no more a fiction.Researchers at Sarcos inc, an American defense contractor, is developing exoskeleton technology for the military. The

7 Robots That Do All Of The Gross Jobs You Hate

Robots are revolutionzing the ways of our lives. Thanks to the mechatronics engineers around the world 🙂  Today I have picked 7 robots that do all the gross jobs for us, that we humans dnt feel like doing

Get your dream girl MADE!!!!

Advancements in CNC machining has helped us to make complex shapes and objects. Here is just one of them