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iPhone Beats BlackBerry In Enterprise Workers

According to a new survey, maximum enterprise employees today in the world consider iPhone as their smartphone of choice. 2011 is the year in which iPhone has beaten BlackBerry for the first time in this segment of the market. The report released by iPass claims that during 2011, 45 percent of the enterprise workers owned

Mac Hits New Highs In Web Share

Primarily due to the back-to-school effect, Mac has hit a record high in web share during September. Sharpest gains ever were seen in the past year and as a result Mac is up nearly half a point in desktop share to 6.45 percent. In browser share, Safari happened to be at 5.02, Internet Explorer dropped

Survey: Mac OS X, Safari, iOS Set Record Highs

NetMarketShare has carried out a market share survey recently and as per its results the market share for Mac OS X, Safari and iOS all rose to record highs last month. According to the results found, Mac OS X had 6.03% of the global market share in August, amongst desktop operating systems, compared to 5.96%