5 Natural Wonders You Should Visit Before They Vanish

If you’re one of those people who have their bucket list of places to visit someday, you might just need to re-check with your dates because someday it might just be too late to visit those places. There are many changes occurring to the Earth due to environmental issues such as global warming, destruction of

VELAA Private Island — A Must Pay Visit

If you are planning to spend some vacations and you love luxurious places then Velaa island, Maldives is a must place for you. Velaa is a new resort still in development in Maldives. This stunning private island is made in a very different style. Like you can choose to stay at a beach bungalow or

28 Natural Wonders Finalist for 2012

These 28 new wonder of nature are finalized for the selection after public voting held by a major travel website. They are unique in nature and mysterious .The list of new 28 wonders are ready for the selection of 2012. 1. Angel Falls in Venezuela 2. Baby of Fundy in Canada 3. Black Forest in