Homeless Man Receives A Magical Experience from His Cup of Coffee

“It was magical” or “it’s magic” is a phrase many of use have either heard before or used ourselves. Some of us while we were kids had tricks we did and then uttered the latter phrase, the other is more common among young couples who had an amazing first date, to put it mildly. Whether

The Terrifying Lake That Turns Animals Into Stone

Folk tales often include stories about people and animals mysteriously turned into stone by consuming some miraculous substance or by magic done by a dreadful witch. Of course we know that there’s no factual proof for such fictions. But new photos of Lake Natron, which is located in Northern Tanzania show real animals turned into stone

Apple Unveils Multitouch Magic Trackpad – Price and Review

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-rumored Magic Trackpad, a multitouch input device for your Mac desktop. The wireless, Bluetooth-powered Trackpad behaves much like the multitouch trackpads on recent MacBook Pros, incorporating a host of swipes and gestures to better navigate your computer. The Magic Trackpad is a single surface; the trackpad is the button–again, just