Watch Out For Mac Defender!

Talk about strong operating systems and the first name that pops up in your head is that of Mac, one of the main reasons that makes it solid is the fact that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary viruses. While the programmers out there have so far instilled their energies targeting the PCs mainly

MacDefender Taking On More Names Of Genuine Software Packages

The criminal attempts to steal Mac user’s information by changing names of their scam are continuing to uphold by MacDefender developers. To this point, they have been using the naming scheme of the word “Mac” followed by a security-related word such as Defender, Protector, or Security. The latest name used for this software is MacShield,

MacDefender Scareware Linked To Russian ChronoPay Website

A security researcher suggests that the Mac Defender malware currently infecting Mac owners is linked to a Russian website, ChronoPay. ChronoPay is expressed as “Russia’s largest online payment processor,” but also “an unabashed ‘leader’ in the scareware industry,” already connected with forged antivirus software. As the case with many Windows threats, Mac Defender and its