Mac OS X 10.6

How to find iOS Apps Stored Locally in Mac OS X

With the usage of iphone, iOS apps are downloaded as bundles with .ipa file extensions. These extension files are stored in different places other than your selected location. The difficulty of finding the app bundles can be solved by following the steps and tips given below. Access the directories by hitting Command+Shift+G . Now go below folder.

How to securing files in Mac OS X 10.5 and X 10.6

Mac OS X gives you facility to convert all file formats into PDF file. You can save HTML file, notepad file, image file, Microsoft word file or any other standard format into PDF file. By doing so, you can secure your all files. Let’s see how to do so. Steps To open any file or

Setting the Mac OS X Firewall

Firewall is already built-in to Mac OS X10.5 and MAC OS X 10.6 but by default it is turned off. You are free to make it on or change its setting as you require. Below are guidelines that will show you how to change firewall default setting in MAC OS X 10.5 or MAC OS