Mac Mini

Apple’s Existing Mac Lines Tweaked For OS X Lion

While Apple launched new MacBook Air and Mac mini models alongside OS X Lion last week, the company also updated its other Mac lines to start shipping them with Lion. But Apple changed a little more than just the operating system on those models, as MacTrast details with a comparison of a new MacBook Pro

‘Internet Recovery’ Lets New Macs Install OS X From Blank Hard Drive

Today, newly-introduced Macs namely Mac minis and MacBook Airs have been equipped with a new feature called “Internet Recovery” that downloads and installs OS X Lion even if your Mac has a failed or blank hard drive. Much of the concern around Lion being download-only was how to do a clean install after a hard

10 Apple Futuristic Concept Designs

In terms of the design and the aesthetic value of IT wares, there is little dispute that Apple create some of the finest and most creative design for their products that few or no other competitors can match.