Find IPSW file in windows and Mac

IPSW files are meant to download when you need to update your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You download this IPSW file in iOS updates folder, whenever there is an update to your iOS device. You should know the location of these files because they are helpful to you when you are going to solve

Change location of iPhone home icons in iTunes

You can quickly access to different functions of iPhone by using home icons. You can also change the location of iPhone home icons for your ease. If you have sync apps enabled in your phone, all the settings to home icons will be saved. This process is very easy and quick to change the location

How to track iPhone location and movement with iPhone tracker

If you want to track your iPhone location and its movement on maps, you can track it by using iPhone tracker. IPhone tracker is a free application which can tell you about the location and movement of your iOS device. This application works by passing through locally stored iPhone backup files and placing stored location