New High-Quality Camera ‘L16’ By Light Uses 16 Separate Lenses

A new point-and-shoot camera that uses 16 separate lenses to take high-resolution images was unveiled by Light. The set up of the new L16 camera is unique where different images can be taken to be combined into a single 52 megapixel photo. It takes advantage of what the company has described as a ‘silent revolution’ in photography. “The

Top 10 Facts about the Space

The Universe is filled with mysteries, we dont know about  vastness and many of its different dimensions and origins, even we are not yet confirmed about what happened 2 billion years ago that lead to the formation of our solar system and how life came to origin. We placed a list for our viewers regarding

Calico Light Weapon Systems

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IBM Nanochips To Use Light Pulses Instead of Copper Wires

IBM researchers, renowned for their innovative technology patents, have developed a process that replaces copper wire in computer chips with light pulses, speeding information transfer and using 20 times less energy than prior versions.