Library of Congress

Top 10 Largest Libraries

Knowledge is the world’s only thing you cannot constrain anywhere. In every era people tried to save every bit of knowledge they acquired and today we have the mighty libraries filled with the abundance of knowledge and human practices. Today we attempted to produce a top 10 list of the world’s largest libraries of the

10 Largest Databases of the World

You know Google is big, you know even Facebook is big, with its users approaching a billion. But perhaps you don’t know how massive these companies are. Today, we present to you a list of some of the largest databases of the modern age. Let’s get started and just keep in mind that size alone

Some Must Know Facts About Digital vs Physical Storage

Mozy is company that provides online backup and storage solutions. In a recent blog post, Physical Storage vs. Digital Storage, they provided an astounding visual depiction of the advance of technology as it relates to the storage of information. Above is section from the graphic relating to books. Using the Library of Congress as a