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10 Cool LEGO Machines That Deserve An Award For Their Awesomeness

At first when the LEGO brand was established, it begun as a mere toy factory, producing simple sets of plastic bricks and parts to entertain children. Now, that has change to become very improved technologically, some LEGO kits are able to provide internet connectivity, powerful processors, Micro SD card slots, and Wi-Fi USB slots. Young

Lego Machines Help Scientists Make Synthetic Bones

Cambridge university scientists are determined in creating synthetic bones to help humanity. The bones are one of the most vital component of your body on which the whole mass of body rests and without it you might be just a hump of flesh. So how are these scientists creating the synthetic bones? The team at Cambridge university

A Working Cart Made Entirely From Lego

There are many Lego fans in the world and people like to build great things from Lego kits. But unlike others, a Dutch Lego fan, Eric Steenstra is thinking out of the box. He made a fully functional cart that is made from Lego. This go-cart is tough enough to carry his son. Now what’s really