Top 10 features of The New Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is ruling the mobile phone industry when it comes to smart phones. Samsung’s Galaxy series has broken all sales records and SII was one of the most sold phone in last few years. The latest model; Samsung Galaxy 4 is the next big thing. Today we have compiled a list of top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S4 for you.

10. S-Health

The new Galaxy comes armed with all the health care features you need. Just a few basic inputs and your Samsung Galaxy S4 will help you with your diet and exercise. This feature definitely gives it an edge over other smart phones where you need to download and install a third party application for this purpose.

9. Screen

Going big isn’t something that comes as a shock but a super AMOLED 5” with 441 ppi density is definitely an eye opener. Here’s a figure for comparison; Apple’s iphone 5 has a screen density of 326 ppi. Want to watch HD videos? Or are you planning to play games? Whatever it is, this screen will make it look and feel much better!

8. Octa-core processor

Let’s talk about processing power, shall we? While most of the smart phones are still at quad core processing,  Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with an Octa cored processor. 1.6 GHz Octa core processor is bound to give it an edge when it comes down to speed and processing power.