Auto-parts Turned Into Furniture

Virginia-based Classified Moto imparts old motorbike parts a new life by recycling them into ingenious modern furniture pieces. Not only they recycle these parts but they bring amazing aesthetics out of them. Of course Bike freaks will love these pieces but they are equally attractive for people who have no love for bikes. Dismantling old bikes, the folks get creative, transforming shocks and wheels into unique lamps and tables. Each of these pieces is outstanding though they are entirely modernized yet they carry the same debonair quality as the original motorbikes.

One of their finest pieces is the Classified Moto Lamp made entirely of recycled parts rescued from salvage yards. This design incorporates a shock welded to a transmission gear, then welded to a brake rotor, and finished with high-quality Bakelite sockets. Each piece comes with original scratches and dents, which add to its vintage veneer.

Classifiers even take special requests for specific parts and styles, so ex- motorbike owners longing for their old motorbike can ask for exclusive pieces according to their own sentimental attachment with their ten-speed.


Eerily Luminescent Eggshell Art

Eggshells are useless, unless you happen to be Vietnamese artist Ben Tre, who finds in these unwanted bits a creative inspiration. This guy rescues most of the eggshells undamaged to transform them into an art piece. But if you think you have seen eggshell art before, well these works are radiant. Yes! The delicate and fine pieces can be mounted on an LED-illuminated base and used as lighting pieces.

Ben uses his firm hands and a tiny dentist’s drill to carve on the fragile skin. Initially he experimented with a number of tools to get the desired outcome, until borrowed a small electrical drill from a dentist friend. The artworks embrace famous historical and contemporary personalities like Karl Marx, Queen Elizabeth II and Albert Einstein, and various scenes from the ‘life and culture’ of South Vietnam. The results are a bit scary, but gorgeous.

Wireless Charger or Lamp — PowerKiss Lets You Enjoy Both

The term “Wireless charger” is getting viral these days. Consumers are expecting the wireless chargers on shelves now. Looking at the interest over this technology, manufacturers are putting their efforts to make most out of this demanding technology. Recently, we  have seen many new such devices in market which claim to charge your cell’s battery wirelessly.

Looking at the future of wireless chargers, a company named Tunto has merged the concept of wireless charger with desk lamp, so the usability of wireless charging takes a whole new dimension. This company is already famous for making world class LED lamps. Now they have introduced their new lamp called “Powerkiss lamp” with this innovative idea. The lamp has already won numerous awards. It features 9 LED lights which can illuminate your desk with plenty of light. The base of the lamp features wireless charger. All you have to do is connect a little ring adapter to your phone and place it over the base of lamp. So now while reading, you can enjoy wireless charging.