Japanese art

Manabu Ikeda — An Incredibly Amazing Artist

All Ikeda needs is an acrylic pen and a piece of paper,he has abundance of creative imagination. The Japanese artist spends up to two years on a single masterpieces, never knowing what they are going to look like until they are finished. The mysterious artist loves gathering thoughts and scenes from his surroundings. His inspirations come from

Amazing Porcelain Skull Art

Katsuyo Aoki, a Japanese artist has stunned us with her creative artwork. Skull, a symbol of danger has been turned into a symbol of art, love and traditions by Aoki. Her art is different from other art around because of the unique rococo style. The swooping lacing patterns and tendrils add more elegance to her art. The Tokyo artist

The Wooden Bulb

The art in question is a combination of the Japanese ancient art Rokuro with the latest technology; although it is very hard to find about Rokuro, even on the internet, few sites have explained this technique which utilizes handheld lathes and fine wood. An artist by the name of Ryosuke Fukusada, brings up an idea

Creepy Yet Amazing Art!

Chooo-San, a talented Japanese Body Art artist, shows something new to world. She discovered her talent while she was studying for her university tests. It was that time when she first drew eyes on her hand, amazingly real eyes. Then in a relatively short time, her talent got better and better, and she started making