iPhone Launch

iPhone 4S Launch Pulls Apple’s Stocks Down

Soon after the launch of IPhone 4S, Apple stocks plunged by over five points in early trading in New York. Analysts, however, said that this was well anticipated. It is a common belief that the launch of iPhone 5 not getting materialized after weeks of hype is one of the key reasons of this down

AT&T Reportedly Prepping For iPhone Launch In ‘Early To Mid-September’

According to BGR report, AT&T is starting preparations for a likely “early to mid-September” launch of the next-generation iPhone. The report further states that Apple is also beefing up its retail store staffing over a similar timeframe. As per sources, AT&T has begun informing employees across the company, and those who work in retail locations,

Apple Improbable To Launch 4G LTE iPhone Before 2012

The launch of 4G LTE iPhone is unlikely before 2012 as per Taiwanese publication, DigiTimes. The report claims that the sixth generation iPhone will support 4G LTE networks. It also states that Apple has brought down production of iPhone 4 due to the fast approaching launch of the next iPhone in September this year. Earlier