iOS 5.0.1

Update your iPhone or iPad software over the air (OTA)

Seeking the procedure to update the iOS device, believe me it is very simple and does not require any expertise to update. OTA update for iOS is very easy and simple. Following are the steps to be followed for successful updating of the version: Launch the Settings app Tap General Tap Software Update If there’s

How to fix slow running of iPhone or iPad

When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to new iOS, or install applications, you may feel slowness in your device working. Nowadays, when people are upgrading their devices to iOS 5, they are having slow running, sluggish performance and tapping taking too much time to perform the function issues. This is not any hardware issue,

iPhone 4S Users Experiencing Random Call, Data Drops

Random vanishing of call and data service is an issue that some iPhone 4S owners are persistently complaining about. These complaints are not new but have been reported on different forums since the launch of iPhone 4S in order to bring the issue to the notice of authority. A phone that falls victim of this