The Tech Version Of Baby Bottles Has Been Unveiled!

Introducing the world’s most advanced baby bottle. In a pre-order campaign that was launched on Indiegogo earlier this month, an innovative bottle called proacmOm was unveiled by InvnSun Technologies. The bottle says to make feeding children much easier and convenient for parents, and offers safety for the child. It especially targets busy moms that are always on the go and are frequent travelers.


The benefits of the proacmOm include warming and keeping the baby milk temperature at optimal level at all times. This serves favorable for both those times when the milk is too hot for the baby to drink, and when the milk becomes too cold. Adjusting the temperature of the milk in the proacmOm can be done with three features. This includes defrost, warm and boil. At just the push of the button, the bottle will intelligently both heat and maintain optimal milk temperatures for your baby. Once the temperature of the drink reaches the right temperature, the proacmOm’s LED readiness indicator on the bottom will blink to notify you that it is now ready to be fed to your baby. This button risked being accidentally pressed, but the bottle was designed with an advanced safety control to steer clear of this.

If you are interested in getting a proacmOm bottle for your child, you can pre-order or even contribute to the cause through the crowd funding campaign. By pre-ordering now, you have the opportunity to get the bottle at discounted rates ranging from 35% to 67%. For every bottle that is purchase, the firm plans to donate $1 to save the children organization. You can get a 9oz and a 4 oz bottle by purchasing one of the proacmOm packs that start from $25. Shipping is expected to begin in the middle of this year.