Talented 11-Year-Old’s Doodles Are Intricately Detailed Illustrations Of Wildlife

This young boy’s doodles definitely would not be considered as one of the average doodles. Doodling by Dušan Krtolica is taken to a whole other level as he will create massively detailed tableaus of animals and plants from all walks of life. The 11-year-old began sketching intricate illustration at a young age, while growing up in Serbia. Waving his

When Your Body Becomes Your Canvas

There are countless tattoo artists around the world, but a film student Jodi Steel from Boston found a new fascinating skill to inspire art lovers and tattoo fanatics. Using her body as the canvas, she brilliantly created implausible sketches. She received recognition when photos went viral. It started with normal doodling just like every bored

Amazing! Using props to create Illustration art.

Alex Soils, a Chicago based illustrator,  loves to transform everyday objects into humor packed art. Alex keeps posting his interesting work on instagram. Here are some of the collections of his work. Check out the gallery below