Humanoid Called ‘iCub’ Is Like A 4-Year-Old Locked In A Robot’s Body

Although artificial intelligence ┬áhas been described by many people as a threat that could be ‘more dangerous than nukes’, the race to develop robots that can interact naturally with humans and mimic some of our unique characteristics, is hotter than ever now. One of these robots modelled a four-year-old child, has been developed with a

Robot Archer iCub

Humanoid robot iCub learns the skill of archery. After being instructed how to hold the bow and release the arrow, the robot learns by itself to aim and shoot arrows at the target. It learns to hit the center of the target in only 8 trials. The learning algorithm, called ARCHER (Augmented Reward Chained Regression)

Humanoid Robot Learns Archery

Ready, aim, release. That sequence for shooting an arrow at a target might be self-evident to adults and even children, but not so for a robot. So researchers at the Italian Institute ofTechnology developed a learning algorithm that’s being used to teach the skill of archery to a humanoid robot known as iCub. The learning