Hyundai Teams Up With Astronaut’s Daughter To Send A Message To Dad In Space

This has to be the most special kind of message any dad could ever receive in an unusual circumstance. While being on a satellite orbiting the Earth, aeronautical engineer and mathematician Terry Virts, received a message from his daughter while he was in outer space. After graduation, Virts decided to take on a career with

Hyundai Veloster Machine Will Help You Survive Zombie Apocalypse

    Hyundai unveiled this heart-pounding concept car, developed by Galpin Auto Sports, targeted at… the zombie apocalypse.  The car-maker teamed up with Robert Kirkman (creator and writer of The Walking Dead) to unveil the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. This badass has a roof mounted machine gun, and two chainsaws for mowing down the

Top 10 most advanced tanks

Tanks: While submarines maybe silent killers, these monsters don’t need to hide for any reason whatsoever. Today we take a look at the most fearsome battle machinery in the modern world with Top 10 most advanced tanks. No 10. Type 90 Kyu Maru – Japan Units built 330-340 Weight 50.2 tonnes Crew 3 Armor Modular ceramic/steel composite

Hyundai’s 2011 Equus Sedan to come with a Free iPad

Finally it seems that corporate companies have accepted iPad as a stable platform for integration with their own products.With a price as low as 500$, its no surprise. At the New York Auto Show this week, automaker Hyundai surprised everyone by announcing it’s 2011 Equus sedan will come with a free Apple iPad that will