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The Touchscreen May Soon be Replaced by a ‘Feelscreen’

There are people with extraordinary visualizing skills, they ‘feel’ textures just by having a single glance at an object or picture of some entity. Others need to touch things for real however in order to actually feel them. Well Disney has deciphered a way to create the feeling of texture on flat surfaces. We can

Research Suggests You May Soon Be Able to Erase Bad Memories

We make memories; we love to keep the good ones with us, but there are always these ‘other’ memories. Those that we would prefer removed from our mind as if they never happened. So far the possibility to do so was only in the realm of science fiction or in movies like Eternal Sunshine of

Artificial brain ’10 years away’

A detailed, functional artificial human brain can be built within the next 10 years, a leading scientist has claimed.  Henry Markram, director of the Blue Brain Project, has already simulated elements of a rat brain. He told the TED Global conference in Oxford that a synthetic human brain would be of particular use finding treatments for