HTC Thunderbolt

Top 10 Coolest Gadgets

There are some gadget ranked according to the personal need.S ome of them are expensive but they are also desirable. 10.Kyocera Echo It is a fascinating misfire./But a Smartphone with two screens that can work together for multitasking is too cool a concept to ignore. Right now not enough software supports this gutsy design. 9.Peel

Best CES Litter 2011

5)Lenvovo ideaCentre B520 and A320 All-in-Ones These two svelte all-in-ones from Lenovo come with 21.5 –inch screens. The B520 isn’t as slim as A320 , but it offers instant –on HDTV capability and comes with a built –in TV tuner to complemenet *Gb of RAM and 2TB of storage. The A320 packs a Core-i5 sandy

Top 9 Tablet PCs

Archos 9 PC Windows 7 Starter Tablet Archos 9 play all your multimedia content including, HD videos. Use all your daily software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Live TM Messenger or Skype with Windows 7. it will be stay connected to Internet and your emails with the built-in connectivity. It includes integrated 1.3MP webcam. Slenderness