Rumor: iPhone 5 Supports HSPA+ 4G Technology

As a result of Apple’s announcement of a new iPhone less than one week before, China Unicom has revealed during a presentation at Macworld Asia that the iPhone 5 will support HSPA+ networks. According to PC Watch, Japanese IT news website, Research Vice President of China Unicom, Huan Wenliang, stated at keynote speech that iPhone

Carriers Testing LTE-Enabled iPhone?

BGR reports that Apple seems to be testing a 4G LTE-enabled iPhone with carriers, as confirmed by a special internal carrier test build of iOS carrying a property list file for LTE compatibility. While we can’t authenticate that the forthcoming fifth-generation iPhone will be able to support 4G LTE, we can now exclusively confirm that

iPhone 5 Probable To Support AT&T ‘4G’, Widening Speed Gap Over Verizon

Reports claim that the fifth-generation iPhone due this fall will in reality support HSPA+ technology, a development that will allow the device to offer faster data speeds on GSM networks like AT&T. In spite of the fact that HSPA+ is slower than the LTE standard being rolled out by major carriers, AT&T has already begun