Top 10 Weirdest Hotels Around The World

Tired of the hectic routine, monotonous environment and the busy schedule? Everyone who agrees needs a break; a relaxing break, soothing and serene, where one can just forget about the usual tiresome work and enjoy life as it is, without worries and stress. People who want this often go to relaxing natural places and stay

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

A list for those who like to travel with class and can be heavy spenders with their money; The top 10 most expensive hotels. They are rightly justified for the price, as you’ll see. Simply put, you would not want the vacation to end once you stay at one of these hotels! 10. Park Hyatt

Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Dubai is famous for tourist spots and developers there make things come to reality which are mere dreams in real life. Being the sole major economy of UAE, explains why they focus on building such amazing tourist spots. Today we found a breath-taking building whose structure would resemble like a oil platform, built in sea