How To Connect Your HDTV to Your Mac

If you actually turn your HDTV around, you would notice that it has more ports than your older TV and this you can use for a lot of functions now. Among these ports, there are ports for HDMI, DVI and VGA connectors. There would be another port for component video connection. Consider the benefits that

How to stream Live HDTV on Mac OS X

EyeTV is a compatible tuner that gives you both analog and digital solutions with high definition for TV watching in MAC OS X. Just move towards your MAC computer, sit on sofa with relaxation and see recorded shows on MAC TV- watching. But! Where you want to see shows: in your bedroom or any other

MythBusters: Was NASA’s Moonlanding Fake?!?

About 20% of Americans believe than moon landing is a hoax of NASA. Internationally,This myth is very popular especially in Russia. This episode of Mythbusters is based on the urban legend/conspiracy theory which claims that NASA never landed men on the moon. The guys try to find the truth behind the NASA’s claim of moon

MythBusters: Best Electric Myths

If you feel scared using a microwave or going out in rain, this is the video to know the truth. Mythbusters  take on three myths involving electricity. Peeing on the third rail will cause you to be electrocuted. Tongue piercings attract lightning. Microwave myths. Watch it here :