Google Science fair

17-Year-Old Invents Device That Is Able To Purify Water & Generate Energy At The Same Time

It’s intriguing to see young people creating inventions that could help improve life quality in a renewable and sustainable way. A 17-year-old participant in the Google Science Fair named Cynthia Lam from Australia, developed a system  called H2prO, that aims to purify water while simultaneously generating energy. She is also one of the 15 finalists

Student Creates A FlashLight That Runs on Warmth of Body!

Ann Makosinski, is  a 15-year-old student from Canada’s St. Michaels University School and she invented a flashlight that is powered by warmth of human body. According to her, the human body can provide enough heat to power her created flashlight and  it can come in handy when you don’t have batteries or cells with you.