Auto-parts Turned Into Furniture

Virginia-based Classified Moto imparts old motorbike parts a new life by recycling them into ingenious modern furniture pieces. Not only they recycle these parts but they bring amazing aesthetics out of them. Of course Bike freaks will love these pieces but they are equally attractive for people who have no love for bikes. Dismantling old bikes, the folks get creative, transforming shocks and wheels into unique lamps and tables. Each of these pieces is outstanding though they are entirely modernized yet they carry the same debonair quality as the original motorbikes.

One of their finest pieces is the Classified Moto Lamp made entirely of recycled parts rescued from salvage yards. This design incorporates a shock welded to a transmission gear, then welded to a brake rotor, and finished with high-quality Bakelite sockets. Each piece comes with original scratches and dents, which add to its vintage veneer.

Classifiers even take special requests for specific parts and styles, so ex- motorbike owners longing for their old motorbike can ask for exclusive pieces according to their own sentimental attachment with their ten-speed.


The All In One Furniture By IKEA

You get a lot of trouble while fixing cables for your wall mounted LCD and i can bet those wires are never looking decent. And hiding those wires is a puzzle itself, atleast i get puzzled. The smart solution to this problem is all just in one piece by IKEA. They neither call it a TV nor furniture, instead they call it UPPLEVA.

A tip-top HDTV with high quality 2.1 sound system, blue ray and digital boxes comes up in form of a meticulously designed furniture. This ensures that there would be no trouble hiding those wires and installing the entertainment system. The HDTV isnt a simple LCD, instead it is a 1080p HD LED Smart TV.

Two USB ports and four HDMI port come up with the IKEA TV along with a single remote to control all of the components (TV, Blue-ray, sound system). The furniture contains extra drawers as well to place your electronics in them. To top it up, UPPLEVA is now available in different frames, sizes, styles and colours for just $960 (Not Bad indeed). But we are still not sure about the size of the TV in this $960 set.

Also check out this inspiring video by IKEA

Music Sofa Connects With Your iPod

If you are a crazy music listener and you can not remain without music beats then this comfy sofa is just made for you. No matter how much your mom scolds you on placing speakers in the living room, if you still want to enjoy your favourite music then you are at a right place to find your problem’s solution. A fancy setup of sofas is just on its way to market which has two speakers inside it along with a subwoofer. Now you might be wondering what would we do with those speakers without any connectivity port. So cheer up its time to rock and roll with your iPods since the sofas contain a built in iPod dock which eventually connects to the sofas speakers. And there you go, Dance hard on the floor even without disturbing any living room adjustments.

The sofas come in different colours along with the addon like seats, couches etc. You can buy this sofa set for $1700. But this sound sofa is currently right now available in England. We hope to see it in more countries soon.


Amazing Concept Of Cupboard Transformation

If you are living in a small place and you are short of room and still you want to have a dream of having a cupboard, turn table and chairs in a same room then we found out a fantastic thing for your little room. Claudio Sibille is the artist who brought out this amazing concept by which your little cupboard can turn up in to a desk with two chairs. Its the perfect thing one would love to have since it acquires less space and provides maximum benefits. In short you can say that in one buy you bought a cupboard, desk and chairs.

The concept is that the table actually fits over the little cupboard similarly the two chairs also fits in the cupboard and you get one compact thing. Of all the good thing is that every thing is made from pure wood. Check out the pictures!

Jellyfish Lamps

This is ridiculously cool that one could be soo much inspired from this type of idea! Ever imagined having some glowing jellyfish inspite of lamp at your side table? This is amazingly cool stuff brought out to public. As we know jellyfish which infact are not fish, they are just vertebrates. They carry no bones in them and are like a jelly floating, swimming in the water. The one unique part of this kind of creatures are that they absorb the light and emit them when there is dark. So using this type of concept these fancy lamps were made. Talking about the science stuff bioluminescent proteins are actually the cause of emitting light and they are present in many creatures but jellyfish have a little more amount of them in it plus they carry no bones, so they might be perfect to chose from lamp making.


Now whether these are stuffed or what this is the information those people who built them can provide us. But all we know is that these type of jellyfish lamps are out for sale ranging from 35$ to 170$.


A Car Made From Coconut

Sounds Strange? lets talk about going greener, so now a days we will be finding American much ahead in studying going green for cars, but in Philippines we got a changed definition of it. As a company from Cebu built  a car from coconut. This was a real challenge for the developers but it turned out to be a lovely thing on creation..

The catchy point was that the company preferred and used the local material as it could save cost and boost economy by using the natural available resources. Sea shells, and coconut flower stalks, rattan stripes these all things were used to build this beautiful car. The car was properly designed and modeled after a 1959 Porsche 356. It took nine months to complete the car.  Clayton Tugonon, a well known and award winning furniture designer built the car body along with the efforts of Cebu. It was also one of the aims of Clayton that he wanted to demonstrate the locals that they can have a good advantage of the local available material inspite of importing other materials and paying their cost. Right now the car is put on display at the Northwing SM City shopping mall in Cebu.

Making Use Of Things

We know and realize that we are living in the world where we thank less and demand more. The growing population of world and the depleting sources are the serious topic to counter. Every year we harvest more natural resources and give the harm hazards to our planet. Like in case of wood or paper, we extract them from trees. Trillions of papers are formed from trees every year, that all cost you greenery. Have you ever thought what to do with the waste paper, or the paper which is not in use of you now. Well if you haven’t check this amazing idea now. As some Dutch designers from the designing studio Vij5 have got some thing from it.

All they did is glueing old news paper to make furniture. So called by them its a newspaper furniture, out of which they created cupboard, desks, drawers and many things,

Take a look at the fascinating art!

Turn Your Obsolete Tech To Some Useful Thing!

Ever thought of doing some thing creative with that stored junk of tech toys you had. Inspite of knowing that they ain’t do anything except occupying some of your wardrobe space.

An Artist named Rodrigo Alonso made some good thing out of nothing. Well he took all his junk old obsolete tech stuff, put them in a mold of stool and started adding some clear Epoxy Resin in it which filled all the empty spaces. On drying he got a stool which seemed like some crunched techs held together in a large block of ice. So finally he could make use of all that recyclable material. No doubt it would be having  some odd looks like not fitting in house with other furniture but surely with some decorative artistic patterns and even the use of some colourful resins can make it look better in your room.