Couple’s Floating Home Creates A Fairytale Fantasy On Earth

Everybody has a dream home. Whether your dream home is determined by just having things as a part of it like a pool, a gym, or many instruments, it is a lovely feeling when you are finally able to live in the comfort of your own home that is patterned and designed just the way you like it.

On the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia you can find somebody’s floating dream home that does just great in showing how wonderful sustainable life off the grid is. The floating fortress of sustainable living, owned by 66-year-old Wayne Adams and 59-year-old Catherine King, was built in 1992 by the couple. Not only did they build the home together but they also have been sourcing their food by growing and fishing for themselves ever since.


Titled ‘Freedom Cove’, the home is comprised of 12 floating platforms. This includes a dance floor, an art gallery, a guest lighthouse, a studio for Adams and King, and 5 greenhouses. There is also an acre of land for growing edible crops. The first section of the home was built using lumber.

Water is sourced from a nearby waterfall during the summer, and from rainwater during the winter. Previously, the settlement was powered by an array of 14 solar panels, but since they broke down due to an incident where a tree broke down from a winter storm and damaged the equipment, the couple was haled to switch to a generator.

When not held up on working on their sustainable lifestyle, the couple is still kept busy as visitors come from nearby Tofino during the summer to experience the family’s sustainable lifestyle. Adam is a carver by profession, while King is a painter, dancer, writer and musician.