Coffee Facts for Coffee Lovers


Coffee – One of the most popular drinks in the world is what almost everyone needs to kick start a busy day.

For some reasons, coffee seems to fix almost everything – including a bad day.

That may explain why it’s so hard to get through the day without having a cup of it or even more.

Now, I know that there are a lot of you who consider yourself as coffee lovers, but how far do you really know your drink of choice?


Here are fun facts about coffee that every coffee lover needs to know.


Food not a Drink

How would you like a coffee energy bar? Sounds cool right? Well, that’s how East African Tribes consumed coffee years before it was consumed as a Drink.

Coffee berries were mixed with animal fat and Surprise!! They then have a pack of energy bar that could get them through the day.

Having it nowadays may not be a bad idea.


Source: ReGrained


There are four main types of Coffee Beans.

Although for some, they’re almost the same, coffee beans has four main types and are different from each other: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica. So what’s the difference between these four types of beans? Let’s start with Arabica. Also known as Arabian Coffee or “Coffee Shrub of Arabia” Arabica is the world’s most consumed coffee – This is what most coffee shops would serve. Although Arabica beans make up to about 60% of the world’s coffee consumption, it’s more expensive than another type of seeds which is Robusta. Unlike Arabica, Robusta is more resistant to pests and diseases. That’s probably the reason why it’s 50% cheaper than Arabica – despite the higher caffeine content. A unique floral and fruity aroma – Liberica is also another type of beans that grows in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Some describe it as having a woody, smoky, nutty taste. Exelsa- recently reclassified as a type of Liberica represents 7% of the world’s coffee consumption. It grows mostly in Southeast Asia and has a dark, fruity and tart taste.









Source: Cafebarberashop


Decaf is not coffee free.

You read that right. Decaf is not coffee free. It’s called decaf because it has gone through the decaffeination or a process of caffeine removal from the coffee beans. However, not 100% of caffeine is removed – So technically, decaf is not 100% coffee free. Only about 97% of caffeine is removed, so you’re left with 3% on your cup. 


Source:  indianexpress


Brazil produces 40% of the World’s Coffee.

Say “thank you” to Brazil coffee lovers. Considered as the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazil, generated more than 2.5 metric tons of coffee beans in 2016. They have kept the record as the highest coffee bean producer for over 150 years.

Source: arcgis



Getting to know Chef Anthony Bourdain

The world was saddened when it was announced one Friday morning that Chef Anthony Bourdain is already gone. The famous chef – we saw him on TV travelling to different places and trying out culinary cuisines that at some point some of us want to be like him. He had what we thought –a good life. And although we want to settle on the feeling of sadness, we all know that his life was worth celebrating. Today, we’ll try to honor him by remembering who he was that made him for us an inspiration.


He Maybe a Culinary Artist, but his Dream was to become a Comic Artist

Image Source:

Just like some of us who had a dream job when we were Kids, Bourdain was not an excuse. He wanted to become a Comic Artist even before realizing that his fate was to become a famous Chef.  He co-authored  “Get Jiro!”  In 2011.

His First job was a Dishwasher at a Wedding Reception

Image Source:

Bourdain would describe himself as a happy dishwasher. Stating that as his first job and was able to learn a lot from what he was used to be doing.

He quit smoking when his Daughter was born

Image Source:

Bourdain enjoyed smoking before his child was born but according to him, he had already more time on this world than what he probably deserved. So, he thought he owe his child a longer life.

 He had a Crime Novel Published

Not only that he was a great chef and great illustrator, but he was also a great writer! His Crime Novel – Bone in the Throat was published in 1995.

He Co Owns the Good and Evil Chocolate Bar

Image Source:

Okay so he’s a writer, a great chef and a traveler but he was also a chocolate expert! His chocolate bar is out in the market and it’s made up of 72% premium cacao by Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin. Well, guess it deserves a try!

He Showed Us that Adventure Is Out There!

Image Source:

Being a traveler that he was and a foodie who was brave enough to try different foods even the exotic ones, he showed us that there’s a vast world out there waiting to be explored! He was not an ordinary traveler! He let us see a different perspective where we could learn how to appreciate different cultures!

Truly, Anthony Bourdain was a great loss. He was one of the few who defied the odds. He was brave and adventurous. But he taught us one thing –  life maybe full of struggles and bumpy roads, but nothing would make it better than you just enjoying the ride.










Foods That Will Break Your Bank

Admit it, we all want a good food. That’s why some are willing to spend a higher amount in exchange of a great food as it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress. Eating is already an experience. But how far can one person go to satisfy his cravings?  And up to how much is he willing to spend? Here are some of the foods that will break your bank!

Brown Lipped Abalone

Considered as an expensive gem by the seafood lovers, brown lipped abalone which was a gift from a Korean Emperor to China has a price tag of $173,600! Although it tastes very delicious (combination of sweet and sushi) it’s not expensive because of its taste but because it is very rare. Harvesting is so difficult, and the returns are small. These days, the risk of it becoming extinct is high because of a lot of factors such as the loss of habitat, illegal harvesting and so on. Oh, guess it’s time for you to taste it before you’ll run out of supplies.


Yubari King Melon

Image Source:


Two Yubari King melon was recently sold at an auction for $29,251.50 to Shinya Noda as a summer gift to his company’s customers and clients!

Yes we know! You can already afford to have an amazing vacation in different countries or buy new car with that price tag!

But this amazing fruit that grows only in Yubari Japan has unique taste and sweetness that only those who can afford can only imagine. The way to grow it is intensive and it requires a lot of care. This is probably why it is considered as one of the most expensive fruits in the world.


Almas Caviar

Image Source:

Considered as the most expensive Caviar in the world, Almas will give anyone a legit Iranian Caviar taste. It is from a rare Albino sturgeon which can only be found in the Southern Caspian Sea. Packed in a 24-karat gold tin can, this food is only sold in Caviar House and Prunier Store in London at around £20,000! Now that is something! But if you have the money, might as well treat yourself a food fit for the king, right?


Lindeth Howe Chocolate Pudding


Image Source:

A lot of us likes chocolates! They simply make us feel good! That’s probably why apart from flowers, they’re also considered as common gifts during occasions. But what we will show you today is a different kind of chocolate flavored food!

Considered as one of the most expensive foods in the world, this pudding is made with four different types of chocolates with finest qualities and decorated with gold and diamond and topped with caviar and champagne jelly. This is priced about $35,000 per order and must be pre ordered for at least two weeks!


Nino’s Bellissima Pizza

You probably heard of a dollar pizza. But what we have here is a pizza that costs $1,000 and topped with caviar and fresh lobster. Well, anything that has caviar we think is expensive! This 12-inch pizza that’s sold in New York can be sliced into 8 and can be ordered at $125 per slice.

Well, everyone deserves a good pizza, in this case maybe at least once in a lifetime!





Are You Brave Enough Try These Bizarre Asian Foods?

Bizarre Asian Foods –  One of the best reasons why one should visit Asia aside from its wonderful beaches and friendly people.

Each Asian place has a unique food to offer and although some of them look strange that you don’t even want to look at them, they all taste uniquely good.

Here we came up with a list of Bizarre Asian foods that only those who are courageous  will experience their oddly satisfying tastes.




A popular street food in the Philippines, balut is a developing egg of either duck or chicken that’s incubated and boiled.  It usually ranges from 16- 21 days old and the older it gets, the more visible the chick is (obviously).Balut is usually eaten with salt and coconut vinegar and sold at night (guess you know why) . Number 16 is the most popular as it still contains “chick soup “which adds to its ‘unique taste’.

Balut is not only popular in the Philippines but also in other SE Asian countries  such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand Vietnam and China.

Many Philippine restaurants have already made versions of local dishes out of this.


Image Source:



Chicken Feet


A popular viand in the Philippines , chicken feet adobo is best paired with rice.

There are a lot of ways to cook it  and another popular dish is adidas – a barbecued chicken feet.

This is also a common sight in  Chinese restaurants but cooked in a different way. Although this may look odd, this tastes really good and are known to have health benefits. For one, it  can make you look young. That should more than enough to convince you to try this.


Image Source:


Fried Bats


If you think balut and chicken feet would be the top two Bizarre Asian Foods that you are yet to taste, wait until you see and taste these fried bats from Thailand.

Farmers gather these creatures everyday and boil them to remove their furs and chopped  before they’re deep fried.

Yes, they may look scary but some say they got a familiar taste. They taste almost the same as chicken.



Image Source:


Fish Sperm Sushi


A milt or sperm sac of a male fish (most common is Cod) is made as a main ingredient of this sushi in Japan called Shirako.

Shirako translates to White Children . It tastes like custard although not that sweet and almost tastes like tofu.

Although it’s pricey – it’s considered as a food to look forward to and Japanese people are willing to pay a high amount for the experience.


Image Source:


Fried Tarantula


This crawling creature that you don’t want  to have a close encounter with is actually a famous snack in Cambodia. It’s  usually cooked with sugar and garlic and  sold on the streets for a couple of cents. Many Khmer women believe that eating this creature  will make you beautiful- so yes, grab a bite. This food became famous during the time of Khmer Rouge when Cambodians depended on it for survival. Thanks to the fact this it is rich in protein, folic and zinc.

Image Source:

That so far are the Bizarre Asian Foods included in our list. Now, pack your bags and start your Asian food adventure. Post some pictures on Instagram and we can’t wait to hear your stories soon! Watch out for our next food hunt! Who knows one of your local foods may be included in our list!


National Flags Made From Food

An appetizing collection of National flags made out of food. Check out the yummy gallery below, if you don’t find your country’s flag  then tell us how would you want it to drawn by food!








South Korea 





United Kingdom

United States





You’ve Got to Love this EatzyBitzy Food Art

If you are starving for more food art after our recent post, then rejoice. This delicious artwork by  EatzyBitzy  was created by Samantha Lee, a mother of two girls, as she was preparing food for her daughters. That’s why some people call this American lady the world’s best mom. Here is the gallery of her edible artwork.

A Week of Groceries In Different Countries [Pictures]

People of every society have their own distinct lifestyles and eating habits. Its a well known facts that people from western world consume 2 to 3 times more food per capita than people from eastern countries. This can be attributed to different cultures, income levels and difference in prosperity of the countries. Peter Menzel came up with an amazing idea of capturing a week of groceries in different countries all over the world. He traveled around the globe and observed people’s one week grocery. Here is the collection of his work below. Enjoy the gallery and leave your comments in the comment section!





















Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

You never know until it’s too late; you’ve gained plenty and now you want to lose it. Can’t figure out what to do? Here are some tips that should put you in the right track.

No 10. Before and After photos

Taking ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to illustrate your progress is a great way of encouraging yourself. When you compare the two, you will definitely like the new slim trim you. And that should keep you going in the right direction.


No 9. Eat slowly

From the time we start eating, it takes 20 minutes for our brain to feel the feeling of fullness. So, fast eaters can easily eat beyond their fullness point. It’s, therefore, better to eat slow and enjoy the taste of food to the fullest. Who thought that eating slowly can help you shed off pounds? Infact 20 pounds of weight loss a year without doing anything different. Apart from weight loss, eating slowly can lead to much fewer digestion problems and less stressed mind.