Mac appearance can be stylish

The appearance preferences pane can make the look of your Mac very stylish and interactive. You can customize the user interface of Mac in different ways by using appearance pane. It is found in system preferences and divided into four sections.

Appearance and highlight color

This changes the basic theme of Mac into different colors like blue and graphite. The dropdown menu in blue theme appears in yellow, green and red colors. Graphite gives monochrome color scheme to Mac.

Windows scrolling and minimizing

In this function, you can set the scrolling of mouse in different modes, for which windows will response. You can put the scroll at the bottom of the window or top. You can use smooth scrolling and also minimize all the windows by double clicking the title bar.

Recent items shown

Recent items menu is there, which enables you to see all the recent documents, applications, servers in quick time. This shows the most recent things you were working on. It can display 50 recent items in list.


You can choose the font style for text which display on Mac screen. The font has five different styles like automatic, standard, light, medium and strong. All of these things make interface well presentable and attractive to watch.

Top 10 Ways to Tweak Your WordPress Theme

There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress that suite everyone’s need and taste but the thing that makes WordPress great is customization and themes too are customizable. Today, we will present to you 10 best ways to tweak your WordPress theme.

No 10. Experiment with color

Even minor changes in the color of your theme can have a huge impact on the overall outlook of your blog. There are various online tools such as Color Scheme Designer that allow you ample customization or you can also check pre-made color schemes at sites like and GenoPal.

No 9. Simple Conditional Statement

Using the following code you can setup simple conditional statements which allow you to display or modify a piece of content depending on which page is currently being viewed.

<?php if ( is_page(‘Pricing’)) { ?>

<p>Pricing Plans For Any Budget!</p>

<?php } else { ?>

<p>Quality Products, Reliable Service!</p>

<?php } ?>