Checking iPhone firmware and baseband version

You can get to know the version of your iphone baseband and firmware running in your device directly. Following are the steps involved in acquiring both the information one by one: Follow them as directed and they will surely work on all iphone models. For checking the iPhone baseband you are required to do as

iOS 5 Jailbreak Not Affected through OTA Delta Updates

When the delta updates for iOS 5 was to be released users were really not able to understand what the jailbreakers mean from this jailbreak. Currently everyone is using greenpoison or redsnow in order to jailbreak the latest iOS firmware. When the baseband of the iPhone iOS 5 are preserved manually then how could we

Apple Releases iMac Graphics Firmware Update 2.0

A firmware update for iMac systems has been released by Apple that addresses problems where iMacs have been hanging during start-up or when waking from sleep. Regrettably which specific iMac models are eligible for this update has not been specified by Apple.   The contents of the updater file show the Flasher utility is for