Top 10 Non-Lethal Weapons

What weapon do you use if you want to hurt someone bad, not exactly kill him or beat him but just a little short of that? Well, in today’s world, technological advances have bestowed us with few such marvels. You can use such weapons without fear, at least the police won’t chase you around for

Laser Beam Weapons: An Emerging Threat

For many years, laser beam weapons have stayed the focal point of science fiction. If fiction is based on facts, it becomes less improbable as the time progresses. The same has occurred with laser in both of its roles of improvised weaponry and hardcore laser weapon. It has been reported that the chances of laser

Best Custom Firearm Finishes

Stand Out From the Rest; With a custom finish from 7.62 Precision, your firearm will be admired at the range and invisible in the field. Give your favorite firearm the unmatched looks and protection provided by our rugged camouflage finishes. Please check the links to the right for examples of our work.