Cotton Ball Diet — A Dangerous Way To Lose Weight

Frantic dieters don’t let go of disastrous ideas to lose weight. The latest of these is to eat cotton balls soaked in orange juice, lemonade or smoothies. There are Chat rooms, YouTube videos and blogs, explaining method of this diet. Apparently, the diet caught on after Eddie Murphy’s 23-year-old daughter, Bria Murphy, reported seeing models eat

Top 10 Touch Phones from Future

People who are obsessed with their cell phones must brace themselves for the uber-excitement that future holds for them. The iPhones, Androids and 4Gs as you see in their current forms, will seem too outdated when the superb futuristic ingenuity of the designers will transform into real products. Here’s a list of par excellence concept

Evolution Of Steve Jobs Fashion

Steve Jobs in No Doubt the best tech CEO of our times. His imagination drives the Apple design team and we all know, its beautiful, sleek and elegant. But unlike his class for technology design, he has a much criticized taste of clothing. The Gadgets change. Steve Jobs’ uniform doesn’t. A designer at Drimergallery captured