Two iPhones To Fly Into Space On Last Shuttle Mission

On July 8, 2011, the space shuttle Atlantis’ final mission into space will also mark a first. Specifically, an iPhone will enter into the outer space. Two in fact, are supposed to carry out specially-designed experiments. The iPhone 4s will run an app called SpaceLab for iOS, designed by Odyssey Space Research. The app will

Stanford Prison Experiment

Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment on how roles can affect our attitudes and behaviors. Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is moderated, RealityPod does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided in posts of this particular category.

Science Gone Wrong- Best Chemistry EXPLOSIONS

It’s time for Joe Genius: Where backyard science goes BIG TIME. Joe Genius highlights home-grown Newtons who experiment, tinker, and yes, blow stuff up in the name of science. And it’s all caught on tape! Join Jonah Ray as he whizzes through these geniuses’ most epic failures and thrilling successes — and of course, the

Man Controls Robotic Hand with Mind

For a month, Pierpaolo Petruzziello’s amputated arm was connected to a robotic limb, allowing him to feel sensations and control the arm with his thoughts. Rossella Lorenzi talks to him about the bionic experiment.