Here are different fixes for iPhone 4S activation problems

When new iPhone 4S users are going to unlock their phone, they see different activation problems. Different messages occur at your phone screen conveying the error like ‘could not activate iPhone’, or simply ‘activation’ with spinning cursor. These messages sometimes appear due to overloaded activation servers. Sometimes, the activation process takes too much time like

How to fix network connection timed out in iTunes and error 3259 in iPhone update

There are users who find different problems when they update iOS devices to latest versions or connect to iTunes. Problems which they often see are related to downloading software, connection timed out, connecting errors and many others. You can fix all these errors by following these steps. When you see these problems like network connection

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

With being the most popular blogging engine around, security threats come naturally to WordPress. Although, the engine comes equipped with competent security features itself, hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities and holes in the system. Today, we have put together a list of the best security plugins for WordPress that will add an extra layer