These 12 Embroideries By Different Artists Are On An Entire Level Off Creativity For Themselves

The first times of embroidery can be traced back to the Warring States period in China (500-300BC) and to Sweden’s Migration period (300-700AD). Some may argue that it has not changed on bit since being originated.

“It is a striking fact that in the development of embroidery … there are no changes of materials or techniques which can be felt or interpreted as advances from a primitive to a later, more refined stage. On the other hand, we often find in early works a technical accomplishment and high standard of craftsmanship rarely attained in later times” (The Art of Embroidery, 1964).

These embroidery artists of modern day however beg to differ. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful embroideries that have been created by the modern masters of embroidery. They ought to prove that while ancients were good, they hold no thimble against them.


1. Artist Ana Teresa Barboza Creates Landscape Embroidery Art That Leaps Out Of Its Frames