Watch What Happens To Your Mail When You Hit SEND Button!

Watch Google going green with their energy-efficient working. Google pays us homage to show what actually happens when you hit the SEND button on your e-mails. Your mail is sent through your DSL connection to Google servers and there they scan it for viruses, make backups and then direct it to the location you are sending. Moreover,

Entering a Date in Email to iPhone Calendar by Tapping

Most of the smart phones have touch screen command system which means the user does not need to press any button for input. He is only required to tap the option and the command is executed. Similarly in iphone through tapping you can perform various functions and one of them is entering the Date in

Android 2.3 (GingerBread) vs. Apple iOS 4.2.1

One of the most sought questions these days for smartphone enthusiasts is whether to go for Android or for iPhone? With both of the competitors gaining market shares and introducing newer and better versions rapidly, it becomes really hard to stick with a single option and hard to decide to which one to go for.