Electric Concept Car Offers Speed of an Aircraft With Zero Emissions

Those maniacs oozing with the need for speed but couldn’t get away with the eco concerns at the same time might surely have been disappointed with the electric cars for EVs are not that fast. However, they now have every reason to have a sigh of relief as ‘Touch Down Concept’ Car from Guo Ke breaks every barrier to take you at the speed of an aircraft, that too without keeping the eco concerns aside.

The all electric vehicle that runs on batteries features four in-wheel electric motors that provide the vehicle with ample power to wreck the road. Batteries are powered by either solar power or wind power plant. Apart from these, the concept car features low body, wide tires, and unique design of the front and rear lights as well as screen in the middle of the steering wheel that relays the necessary information to the driver. Also, there is a hydraulic chair lift device and battery slot in the rear of the car, which makes real difference between other cars, incorporates six high-capacity batteries that can easily be removed and replaced.