This Coffee Machine Activates By Yawns

The coffeemaker doesn’t take payment in cash, but instead serves up coffee at the sight of yawns. The machine is outfitted with facial-recognition software, so when a weary traveler yawns, the machine recognizes the action and serves up a hot cup of coffee. The Dutch company Douwe Egberts set up these coffee machines in airports, inclusive

Incredible Flower Sculptures Parade [PICTURES]

Bloemencorso is an annual flower parade that happens in Netherlands. The word  Bloemencorso comes from a Dutch word that means “flower parade”. The parade is in form of cars and boats which are magnificently decorated and covered in flowers. Every parade that occurs has its own theme and charm. People from all around the world get together to watch

Artist Creates His Own Skeleton Using A 3D Printer

Caspar Berger, a Dutch artist used CT scanner to get the detailed anatomical data of his body. He then used that data to make an exact copy of his skeleton with the help of a 3D printer. For his artistic approach he needed precise and detailed information of each and every bone of the body. So he used the