The Boy Got Some Talent!

We have seen artists with their different and unique mediums to express their talent.  But this story is matchless because this smart artist has invented a completely new drawing style with the same conventional mediums. Brian Lai, a brilliant Malaysian artist is able to make rough sketches show up into full-fledged realistic drawings, when edited

Stunning Portraits created with Hammer and Nails

Art is not restricted to the basic canvas and brushes. Instead of using ink and paper, artist David Foster hammers thousands of nails onto a canvas to create these incredibly meticulous art pieces. Each piece requires some technical methodology which proves Foster’s love for technical drawing as an architect. Each piece is based off of

Manabu Ikeda — An Incredibly Amazing Artist

All Ikeda needs is an acrylic pen and a piece of paper,he has abundance of creative imagination. The Japanese artist spends up to two years on a single masterpieces, never knowing what they are going to look like until they are finished. The mysterious artist loves gathering thoughts and scenes from his surroundings. His inspirations come from