11 Face Expressions Dog Owners Will Instantly Recognize

Many dog owners will be able to tell what their dog is doing or might be saying by the look of the expression on their faces. If you have a pack of dogs and you came home to find the tissue roll in shreds, gather them up and question them individually by showing the shreds of tissue to them, and it is guaranteed that the one responsible for the mess will show up with a guilty face when you show it to them, as they would find it difficult to keep looking at you without feeling ashamed.

Check out these dogs that have a particular face expression that cause their owners to instantly recognise what they might be saying or doing.


1. The “you suck at playing instruments” face.


2. The “wait! I can explain” face.


3. The “he will now be living with us now?!” face.


4. The “taking a nap before getting back to playing” face.


5. The “DRIVE, HUMAN… DRIVE” face.


6. The “I’m really not feeling this walk today” face.



7. The “I just thought it was better for you to store them in here” face.



8. The “ofcourse, I farted” face.


9. The “we’ve got company” face.



10.  The “please, stop calling me” face.


11. The “take more selfies with me” face.