Top 10 Unbelievable Lawsuits

How much ridiculous can it get? That is the question you will be asking after going through this list of the 10 most outrageous lawsuits filed in America, ever.

No 10. Richard Overton vs. Budweiser

In 1991, Richard Overton drank Bud Light expecting the beautiful ladies from the ad to appear in real for him. When the bikini-clad women didn’t appear, he sued the company for $10,000, for false advertising. The case was dismissed.

No 9. Anna Ayala vs. Wendy’s

Apparently Ayala found a human finger in her burger at Wendy’s. This case dates back to 2005. She sued them but later when it was found that Ayala was the one who placed the finger there, she was sent to prison. Ayala was later released on probation with one of the conditions being that she never set foot in the fast-food chain again.

No 8. Jack Ass vs. Jackass

A gentleman by the name of Jack Ass sued Viacom for plagiarism and defamation to his good name. In 2003, Jack Ass wrote the complaint: “Viacom International, through the use of MTV jackass (Johnny Knoxville / P. J. Clapp), is liable for injury to my reputation that I have built and defamation of my character which I have worked hard to create.”

No 7. Judge Roy Pearson vs. Chung

In 2005, after a local dry cleaning business, Custom Cleaners, misplaced Roy Pearson’s pants, he sued them for mental suffering, inconvenience and $67 million. Pearson lost the case.