These Delicate Crayon Sculptures Are The True Definitions Of Incredible Detailing

You would be surprised to see what can happen when artists take trashed items and even mediums normally used for creating art and transform them into art pieces. This artist named Diem Chau decided to give the method a try and the results were rather delightful. Incredibly detailed Crayola crayons is exactly what I’m talking about.

Gaining her inspiration from all walks of life, the artist uses some crayon sets to take on the form of various animals. Other sets were also used to take the form of some of the world’s currency symbols and images attempted to resemble people.

Popularly known in the art industry as “The Crayola Crayon Carver”, Diem has had her works exhibited all over the US and was commissioned by Nike to create a crayon set of carved soccer players for the company’s promotion of the World Cup 201o, last year. Diem was given a short time of 18 days to make around 70 crayons for the promotion. While the results were very impressive, she shares that the task was very difficult as she was only able to receive 3 hours of sleep for those nights.

As a native of Vietnam, Diem Chau’s work also delves into storytelling, myths, and their ability to connect people with each other through cultural and humanistic similarities. Chau says that she chose to use the crayons due to the fact that they were of low costs. She have also used sketching pencils as a medium, carving models and images into the graphite nib.