Lamborghini Diamante Concept

Whether it comes to real car or concept cars Lamborghini has always managed to keep expectations high – and deliver. This is another absolutely alluring concept — and they are calling it ‘Lamborghini Diamante’. This car shows a truly inspired diamond styled aggressive ┬ásports car. But beyond looks, the big story here is the 4(!)

Top 10 Hardest Materials

Diamond is widely believed to be the hardest known material to man, but is it really the case? What are the other hard materials apart from diamond? Well, today our list will answer these questions for you. No 10. Alumina Alumina is a common name for Aluminum Oxide, which is an amphoteric oxide and is

Top 10 Earth Scars

Mining the earth for resources, or exploiting as many would say, has been a source of some massive open surgeries to the body of mother earth which present a sight that is awe-inspiring, owing to its colossal nature. Today, we take a look at 10 such earth holes which would take a long long time