Prevent Your Children Texting While Driving!

Every year there is a huge number of accidents while driving and most of them are due to the usage of cell phone while driving. Inspite of making awareness to to public and imposing fines on using cell phones during driving we found the graph to rising to an alarming limit. The investigations reported that the major amount of

First Commercial Explosive-Detection Device Developed

We’ve all seen how fashion frequently goes full circle and brings back designs our grandparents wore, but we would never have guessed the same for dowsing.

Video Scout: For surgeons or James Bond?

At just 3 millimeters in diameter, BC Tech’s Video Scout is one of the smallest medical cameras in the world.

US Dept. of Defence: Mind Reading Binoculars Developed

Believe it or not, the device can read minds. It scans for brain activity in the same way thermal goggles pick up heat, in that the user will see a visual representation of it through the goggles. The next step is where it gets interesting.